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3 $6,090.00 $7,750.00      
4 $6,720.00 $8,375.00      
5 $7,250.00 $8,825.00 $10,500.00 $10,995.00 $8,350.00

Rates are quoted in US dollars and are per week (seven nights)
Maximum occupancy is 2 people per room ( i.e.10 people)
The summer rate applies to the period between April 16 - December 14
(excluding Thanksgiving), and the Winter Rate to December 15-April 15
(excluding Christmas and New Years).

Rates for specific holiday periods (for example Thanksgiving) are listed
separately and apply to the week in which the holiday falls.
Rates do not include the cost of food and drink items, transportation, tours, or staff gratuities.

Contact us

If you are interested in staying at Scotch on the Rocks, you can check availability or make a booking by emailing us at: scotchontherocksja@gmail.com or calling  1-876-469-4828

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